The Essential Fraud-Proof Business Guide

Two out of five South African businesses fall victim to fraud every year...Don't become a statistic

Essential Fraud-Proof Business Guide
Dear business owner,

We live in a world where fraud has become a major threat to businesses...

Every year, two out of five South African businesses fall victim to one or more fraud schemes!

As Henk Heymans, the editor of the Practical Accountancy Loose Leaf, puts it:

“There’s no such thing as a “small fraud” – only fraud that hasn’t reached maturity yet.  You need to be able to identify the opportunities for fraud, how fraudsters rationalise fraud and incentives to commit fraud. This enables you to stop fraud risks before they develop into enormous financial, reputation and other losses.”

He’s right!

One fraud scheme can cost your business millions of rands and leave it completely crippled!

A perfect example of this, Athletics South Africa…

It recently found former president Leonard Chuene and Vice-president Kakata Maponyane guilty of financial impropriety fraud to the value of R4.2 million!

And that’s just one story. Open the paper and you’ll find dozens of others.

But why is fraud so rife in SA?

Because business owners don’t know what fraud schemes put their business at risk.

And, as a result, they don’t put the right preventive measures in place.

When they do finally detect these fraud schemes, it’s too late.

Yes! I want to discover how to avoid falling victim to fraud!

Our latest business essential: The Essential Fraud-Proof Business Guide – The 9 common fraud schemes your business needs to be aware of and how to stop them...

It’s a guide that’ll help you deal with all aspects of fraud from online payment fraud, financial statement fraud to other fraud schemes that pose a risk to your business...

Want to make your business fraud-proof?

Now you can thanks to The Essential Fraud-Proof Business Guide

Don’t think fraud can happen to you?

That’s exactly what Ike Cellular’s management thought before they became a victim.

You see, at Ike Cellular, Grace the bookkeeper places all the company orders, checks them and captures the supplier invoices.

When Grace is off, Paula handles the orders on her behalf.

What Paula discovered a few months ago shocked her!

She discovered that some of the goods that arrived are things the company doesn’t stock and wouldn’t normally order...

When Paula queried this with the supplier, she learnt these items are often included in the company’s orders.

But since the orders are always promptly paid, they’ve never queried them.

An investigation into the matter revealed that Grace placed orders for her personal use on the company’s account!

And since no one other than Grace ever approved the orders or checked the goods upon arrival, her orders had gone undetected for over six months!

Grace had taken home over R150 000 in goods paid for by the company.

This wouldn’t have happened to Ike Cellular if they’d followed four simple steps to ensure different people handled different aspects of the company’s transactions...

Luckily, The Essential Fraud-Proof Business Guide reveals these steps, plus dozens of others, that’ll ensure the same doesn’t happen to your business!

Yes! I want to discover how to avoid falling victim to fraud!

The Essential Fraud-Proof Business Guide

is the only resource you’ll need to secure your business from fraud...

In it, you’ll discover:

Plus you get over 47 years of fraud expertise at your disposal...

Like I mentioned earlier, I asked five of SA’s top fraud and finance experts to compile their knowledge into The Essential Fraud-Proof Business Guide...

These experts include:

Henk has over 25 years of financial experience as a registered accountant, auditor and assessor.

He’s also a member of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants. Since he’s on various committees, he’s seen it all when it comes to fraud attempts.

He knows exactly how to protect your business from them.

There, he developed various fraud prevention strategies and implemented them throughout the group.

He’s also been involved in fraud prevention at Santam, Ernst & Young and DirectAxis

Today, Jonathan’s 19 years of risk management expertise makes him more than qualified to inform you on the best ways to protect your business from fraud.

As a registered Chartered Accountant and an internal auditor, she knows exactly what fraud schemes businesses need to protect themselves from.

That’s over 47 years of fraud and finance experience from just three of our five experts!

Plus, you’ll get even more practical fraud advice and industry know-how from:

Together, our five experts know everything you need to know so you can protect and deal with every fraud scheme that poses a threat to your business.

And in The Essential Fraud-Proof Business Guide, they share all this know-how with you so you have all the exact steps you need to take to prevent them.

Protect your business from fraud devastation with this easy-to-use resource today...

A fraud prevention agency will charge you R3 000 or more to implement a fraud prevention system.

But today, you can get your copy of The Essential Fraud-Proof Business Guide for just R199. And have all you need to put your fraud worries at ease. That’s a small price to pay to make your business fraud-proof.

Plus, if you order today, you’ll receive a 7 day money back guarantee. If during that time you feel The Essential Fraud-Proof Business Guide can’t help you prevent your business from becoming a victim of fraud, simply let us know and we’ll give you a full refund.

Don’t delay! Make your business fraud-proof today,

Kind regards,

Natalie Cousens

P.S Do you know what the most insecure Internet payment method your business is currently using?

If you don’t, your business could already be a victim to this common fraud!

Plus there are eight more fraud schemes you should be protecting your business from.

Don’t delay! Order your copy of The Essential Fraud-Proof Business Guide to stop a fraud from crippling your business.

Yes! I want to discover how to avoid falling victim to fraud!

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